37-year-old Michael Bolger. August 14th, 2022 by Ric Hanson (Winterset, Iowa) - A stand-off at a church in Winterset, Sunday morning (today), ended with a suspect in an Omaha area murder investigation surrendering without further incident. The Winterset Police Department records section keeps records for all persons incarcerated at the Winterset Police Department Jail. Iowa Bookings. images are kept in a mug book to help witnesses and victims identify and We have not found any police records information on Winterset. Choose the amount of money you want to spend, and input your payment method. Winterset is a city in Madison County, Colorado. Listing by RE/MAX Concepts. Possession of Drug Contraband in a Correctional Facility. All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmates classification, sentence, and criminal history. Amy Nolan Obituary. 34 of Winterset. You are paying for them to call you. Driver arrested in Winterset after police chase stole the car from the scene of a homicide investigation in Omaha. If your inmate has been charged but not yet convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, he or she will most likely be held inthe county detention center where the crime occurred. For more information or for dispositions on these charges check: www.iowacourts.state.ia.us. (Creston, Iowa) - Police in Creston say a man who was arrested Sunday afternoon on drug and other charges, was arrested Tuesday afternoon, as well. Its an extremely safe and peaceful town so its crazy to see something like that happen. Madison County Sheriff's Office: Address: 1012 N John Wayne Drive. The Winterset Police Jail is located at 1012 North John Wayne Drive in Winterset, IA and is a medium security police department jail operated by the Winterset Police Department. 1012 North John Wayne Drive, Winterset, Iowa, 50273. 5/20/2021 Redmond, Kamri Lane. The most popular crime committed in Madison is larceny/theft totaling 19, suspects guys. Currently, the Iowa Department of Public Safety, . Harassment-1st Degree. They cant be praised enough on that, they did an excellent job, Winterset Police Chief Ken Burk said. the Winterset Police Department Jail comprises of 4 cells, separating male and female inmates, and holds the arrestees as they wait for a court appearance before transferring them to Madison County County facilities. Police said the pursuit lasted around 45 minutes. crash report. This facility may also have a video visitation option, please call 515-462-3575 for more information and updates to the current rules and regulations. prison , which essentially becomes their Madison county booking record. If the inmate is no longer incarcerated, but is on parole/probation or discharged, it will tell you that as well. Sometimes you can Since you are paying for those calls don't make it a habit of accepting collect-calls, they are over $15 each. Self-guided Tours from $10.00 per adult The area 2207 170th Trl, Winterset, IA 50273-8200 Best nearby Attractions 13 within 6 miles Winterset Cidery 16 488 ftWineries & Vineyards North River Stone Schoolhouse 10 0.5 miHistoric Sites Madison County Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center 195 2.2 miVisitor Centers See what other travelers are saying Inmates sentenced to less than one year incarceration or those convicted to serve time for misdemeanors will do their time in the Madison County Jail. This county jail is operated locally by the Madison County Sheriff's Office and holds inmates awaiting trial or sentencing. BUT SOMETHING THAT WAS GREAT TO SEE IS HOW QUICKLY OUR FIRST RESPONDERS WERE AND HOW AMAZING OF A JOB THEY DID. In turn, the inmates stay for a maximum of 83 hours at the detention center. Within the Inmate Search Jail Listing you will find details such as their bond amount, criminal charges and mugshots, when available. If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered details on whether or not details is taken while 1012 N John Wayne DrivePO Box 517Winterset, IA 50273. For more guidelines about visitation, contact the Winterset Police Department at 515-462-1423 or fax or fax 515-462-3684. These Winterset Police Department Jail inmate records are confidential, hence, only available for official use only. files are available to the public after a waiting period, such as 60-days. Your email address will not be published. Individuals obtaining information from this web site should verify accuracy through the arresting agency or Iowa Courts Online. Public records can be obtained from the City Administrators Office. Des Moines County Sheriff's Office. From there you can arrange a visit, send money, help them set up a phone account and help get them commissary. The City of Winterset had a population of approximately 5,190 in the year 2010. criminals upon arrest. 1. 5/19/2021 Thompson, Dylan James. 02/23/2023 Watkins, Anthony Walter 33 of Winterset, IA. AND THAT'S WHERE HE REMAINED FOR SEVERAL HOURS AS MORE LAW ENFORCEMENT CAME TO THE AREA. Required fields are marked *. If there is no release, the inmate must wait here at the jail for their court appearance as a guest of the County, getting a bed and three square meals. 64-year-old Rodney Clark. LOT 36 Covered Bridge Estates St, Winterset, IA 50273. Public Intoxication & Disorderly Conduct, Suspicious person/activity, 800 blk W. Hwy 92, Parking complaint, 300 blk W. Hutchings St, Violation of No Contact Order, 100 blk W. North St, Reckless driving, 300 blk E. Jefferson St, Violation of No Contact Order, 1900 blk Ash Tree Dr, Persons Arrested/Charged 12/17/2022 thru 12/23/2022, 12/17/2022 Neal, Michael Dale 54 of St Charles, IA. Madison County has a higher rate of non-violent crime. prison entity CCA. Type in the inmate's name and it will tell you where he or she is incarcerated and their projected release date. You got lucky! The jail will require this when mailing the inmate a letter or adding money to their commissary or phone accounts. KEN BURK, WINTERSET POLICE CHIEF 9 SECONDS 32:02 <"NEGOIATIORS DID A GREAT JOB AND BROUGHT A PEACEFUL END TO THIS. Visit Winterset City Park Today! InfoTracer expressly prohibits the use of information you obtain from search results (a) to discriminate against any consumer; (b) for the purpose of considering a consumers eligibility for personal credit or insurance, employment, housing, or a government license or benefit; or (c) otherwise to affect a consumers economic or financial status or standing. also include things like fingerprints, Violation of a No Contact Order, 12/30/2022 Lincoln, Travis William 40 of Winterset, IA. It houses inmates over the age of 18 who are pending plea, sentence, or awaiting trial. 4.59 acres lot - Lot / Land for sale. The Winterset Police Department, built up in 1929, is the essential law requirement organization serving the City of Winterset, Madison County, Iowa. power to Violation of Probation. images taken of Agency Identifier) number These detention directives are coveted because they offer additional authority to the police. Visitations - times, rules, Covid cancellations, Free Madison County Inmate Search The website owners receive compensation if you complete a registration through our website. Winterset, IA Arrest Record Search Winterset has a population of 5,282. Locations: Des Moines IA, Altoona IA, Winterset IA Possible Relatives: Deborah S C, Amber N S, Dennis R S. Arrest Records & Driving Infractions. Anyone who uses this site to access information through purposeful misrepresentation of themselves, or uses the information accessed in illegal pursuits may face criminal and civil charges. The tornadoes were followed by winter storms that dropped about 5in of snow in central Iowa and 6.5in in Mount Vernon in eastern Iowa. According to KCCI, Police in West Des Moines say officers . Roseman Covered Bridge, 2451 Elderberry Ave, Winterset, IA 50273, USA. Updated: November 26, 2020, 1012 North 1st St For more information or for dispositions on these charges check: www.iowacourts.state.ia.us 5/15/2021 Information 300 blk S. John Wayne Dr Civil Dispute 400 blk W. Short St The City of Winterset had a population of approximately 5,190 in the year 2010. Go here to learn what mail is allowed and how to send it, otherwisethey won't receive it. If you are not sure what county jail the inmate is located in, it helps to at least know the geographic area. the InmateAid community. Use patience and check them all. Cutler-Donahoe Bridge, 300 S. Ninth St. Hogback Bridge, 1879 Hogback Bridge Road. Newly Listed Favorite. There are new detainees delivered to the jail daily, you can see arrest records here. The man has been identified as 27-year-old Gage Walter.West Des Moines police say they attempted to pull over Walter this morning before he took off. How to Buy Inmate Commissary Care Packages Online. They were there right away and they were all over the situation to make sure no one else got hurt, said neighbor Keegan Jensen.Jensen said he goes to the Catholic church right next door to St. Paul's when he saw all the action. During the booking process, the arrestees at the Winterset Police Department Jail are free to make local telephone calls. Carry a valid Iowa ID on your visit. On Sunday morning, West . paperwork and the Must Do's. See the reason behind this community's worldwide fame with a self-guided tour of the Covered Bridges Scenic Byway. They are used by victims, identity the suspect. Fax: (515) 462-3684. Madison County SO ORI (Originated Madison County Pistol Permits & Gun LicensesMadison County Sheriff WebsiteMadison County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Sales. If you want to send an inmate money so they can self-bail, or purchase commissary or phone cards, go here to find out where and how to send it. Go to this page for inmates in Iowa. Driving Under Suspension. Date: 2/27 2:59 am #1 O SCHT 716.8(1) TRESPASS 1ST OFFENSE. Most programs require your employer to fill out some paperwork. Some There are a number of requirements to be able to get into the work-release program. The Clark Tower Trail loop closes at sunset (and is closed to cars during the winter). US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Enemy Combatant High Value Detainees (HVD), all the information regarding phone calls, Iowa Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search. Inmates at the Winterset Police Department Jail are prohibited from sending or receiving money while in custody at the Winterset Police Department Jail. Driving Under Suspension. such as murder, rape, and robbery. access to regarding Madison county inmate records which provide a lot of useful Oct 7, 2003. KEEGAN JENSEN, NEIGHBOR 13 SECONDS 49:57 <"IT'S AN EXTREMELY SAFE AND PEACEFUL TOWN SO IT'S CRAZY TO SEE SOMETHING LIKE THAT HAPPEN. 12/31/2022 Day, Brent Daniel 37 of Winterset, IA. Violators may be subject to civil and criminal litigation and penalties. Madison County IA Jail located at 1012 North 1st St PO Box 517 has current arrest records. The Omaha World Herald reported the vehicle was stolen from a detective investigating the homicide. Anyone wishing to send cash to the inmate at Winterset Police Department Jail should wait until they are transferred to the Madison County County jail. attendant find the Information that can be found on this site is compiled from records that may be incomplete or have errors. Suspicious person/activity, 1100 blk N. 8th Ave, Reckless driving, 700 blk E. Jefferson St, 911 wrong number, 1000 blk W. Jefferson St, Suspicious person/activity, 500 blk N. 4th Ave, Suspicious person/activity, 100 blk E. Jefferson, Suspicious person/activity, 800 blk E. Lane St, Traffic complaint, 1000 blk N. John Wayne Dr, Motorist assist, 100 blk S. John Wayne Dr, Talk to officer, 1000 blk N. John Wayne Dr, Landing zone assist, 300 blk W. Hutchings St, Vehicle unlock, 1000 blk N. John Wayne Dr, Persons Arrested/Charged 02/11/2023 thru 02/17/2023, 02/12/2023 Nielsen, Jenna Elizabeth 24 of Des Moines, IA. When an inmate arrives in jail they are put together in a large holding cell with other inmates in the intake. files are related to when

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